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Affordable Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is one of the largest Cruise Lines in the world. With over 10 ships, and travelling between 12 areas, there are always a couple Celebrity Cruise ships travelling somewhere. As a passenger of a Celebrity Cruise, you have a unique opportunity to take part in a one-of-a-kind experience on the water. Be sure to look for discount rates though, since it would be criminal not to take every advantage you could. Feel free to get access to an Affordable Celebrity Cruise today so you can be sleeping in the sun tomorrow.

Celebrity has an impressive amount of ships in their fleet. All ships are expertly maintained and commissioned while being crewed by the best. To name some, the Celebrity Century, Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Galaxy, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Mercury, Celebrity Millennium, and Celebrity Solstice are all capable of ferrying thousands of people to their relaxed placed for anywhere from a week to a month. All the ships are divided into one of four classes of vessel. The Century Class containing the Century, Galaxy, and Mercury. The Millennium Class contains the Constellation, Infinity, Millennium, and Summit. The unique Xpedition class is home of the sole Xpedition ship which specializes in venturing to rarely visitted areas. The Solstice Class has parts Equinox and Solstice ships.

The Century Class of ships is foremost for capacity and age. These young ships were all commissioned between 1995 and 1997 and are made to be contemporary and feel fresh. Members of this class often win excellence awards and notes.

The Millennium Class has only ships brought out of the shipyard following the 2000 switch. The focus of these ships were technological edge and environment friendliness. Massive individual staterooms and full restaurants make this class of ship superb for people looking to enjoy the finer things of civilized life while they are vacationing.

Currently, the Solstice class has one ship ready for boarding and travel, but in the next couple years, the group is planned to be three ships. Every ship is tailor made to pamper each individual passenger as if they were a celebrity themselves. The Solstice is out now and in 2009 the Equinox will make her maiden voyage. While not yet named, the final ship will be the pinnacle of technological and cultural achievement. Every ship is a joint effort of many highly regarded engineers and architects finding solutions to the most common problem in the industry. How do I relax to the fullest for little money, on the sea, and without causing any harm to the environment? Celebrity is confident in their solutions to that problem, and we're confident in our prices for their cruises so get a Discount Celebrity Cruise Ticket today.